I first met Sarah Forbes about 3 years ago…on LinkedIn! I had just started my own company and was looking to showcase Reel Eyes Films CIC. I put a request out for a dynamic organisation who would like to be filmed. Sarah responded and in the end, the one I chose. There was something about her dynamism, energy and enthusiasm which just shone through and felt infectious.

Sarah asked me if I would film her Wellies2Bellies group at one of the many redundant outdoor spaces she was helping to improve in schools. Now who wouldn’t smile at a name likeWellies2Bellies? It’s such a fun name which describes perfectly the concept of organic food education for kids. Sarah has a really natural gift when working with children. She appears instantly at ease in their company and instinctively knows what grabs their attention. Whether it’s a wooden tipi, a dome made of willow branches, a bug house or a clay oven, Sarah and her team always have something up their sleeve to get kids buzzing like bees around the garden.

Since I first filmed Sarah, she’s gone on to become a bit of a celebrity. With her glamorous looks (lippy in the tool belt next to the garden trowel) and eloquent explanation of all things gardening, she is a talent which TV producers find hard to ignore. Not long back she appeared on BBC Three’s People Like Us. She also appeared on BBC’s Inside Out which ran a feature about gardening on prescription and sometime in the near future she will be appearing in her own Gardener’s World episode on BBC Two.

Sarah also got married recently to a handsome chap named Michael, who is not unfamiliar to TV work himself, being involved in the production of Hunted for Channel 4. Maybe a Gro Organic TV series could be in the pipeline. To be honest, you couldn’t rule it out. However, Sarah is passionate about making a difference in her community and one would imagine her finding it hard to leave her hands-on world of digging and pruning for the soft couch of a tv studio.

Whichever direction Sarah goes in, one thing is for sure: she will still be making people smile and extolling the virtues of educational green spaces at every opportunity. Oh yes, and making sure she has her lippy in the tool belt.


Written by

Simon Baylay: Director Reel Eyes Films CIC