Sarah had emailed me to say “We’ve helped this client and he is such an amazing guy and he writes these brilliant poems. We’d like to capture it on film”.

Sarah knows I’m not just a cameraman (as a lot of peole term me). She knows that first and foremost I’m a storyteller with a camera. So I set about thinking how we could capture the magic that Simple Stuff Works had been so taken with.

The first thing I remind clients of when they commission film is the time factor. With social media these days people want short and sweet. As much as we feel people will be engaged with out talking heads most of the social media viewing public just haven’t got the time. The ideal length of video for social media, no matter how much you want to say, is one minute (yes, one minute!). So when we decided to make a 2 minute film, we took a calculated gamble that hopefully the film would hold peoples attention!

I needed a starting point, a way which would allow the film to have an immediate context. I’d been sent a mobile phone clip of John after he had just experienced his Simple Stuff Works sleep system for the first time. Although mobile phone footage is not really broadcast quality, the footage was so powerful I had the idea to start the film with it. Mobile phone footage now starts to have a feel all of it’s own, as we are so used to seeing it in the context of dramatic news footage and it can be a very legitimate tool for creation if it’s used within a professional editing context. It also tends to convey that immediacy and reality of the situation, which is about capturing things in the moment.

Sarah had also told me John loved to fly kites on Bristol Downs and that poetry and flying kites were his two major passions in life. I thought kite flying might be a good metaphor for John’s relief from discomfort and pain that he’d experienced from his Simple Stuff Workssleep system.

I’d communicated with John over a couple of weeks by email and I asked him how he felt about my ideas for telling his story. He liked them and we booked in a two day film shoot in Bristol.

John likes the film and hopes it will inspire others. Obviously, the film is promotional in nature but I think it is credit to Simple Stuff Works that they put John at the centre and very little about them. Yes, Simple Stuff Works is a business but it really does make a huge difference to people that suffer discomfort from distorted body shape. John only learned of this unique sleep system through a chance encounter with a friend of the family.

We hope that this film will inspire poets, kite flyers and people with distorted body shape who need a decent nights sleep.